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Trans-Cendence International, Inc

Trans-Cendence International was created by and for people whose lives are impacted by Transgender/Gender Diverse individuals, whether themselves or someone they know. We provide support, education, and advocacy for the transgender community and their families and friends.

Everyone's journey through this exploration of their real selves is different and everyone needs someone to talk to. We foster a community of not only support but information and resources. With education and advocacy programs and partners we also help bring understanding of our community's needs.


What We Offer

Support Groups

Our peer-led support groups are here to give you a safe space to explore and process with people on similar journeys. We have groups that are for trans/gender diverse folk as well as cisgender Significant Others, Families, Friends, and Allies. 


We have many friends, and though we cannot give legal and medical advice, we can find folks who can and are there to help you along your journey


We are stronger and happier together. Join us at our community hangouts and events that bring together a safe, welcoming, and affirming group that is inclusive of all genders.

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