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Programs & Services

Support Groups

Trans-Cendence International focuses on peer-led support groups and social events for Trans/Gender Diverse folk as well as Significant Others, Families, Friends, and Allies (SOFFAs).


Unless otherwise stated TCI does not provide mental health services, legal services, or healthcare. We've gotten to know a lot of professionals, however, and might be able to get you connected with the right resources. Just send us an email at

Each facilitator is allowed to run their groups in ways that best fit their style and the needs of the people they serve. Typically there will be a time for introductions (feel free to share and try out affirming names and pronouns) and sharing celebrations or milestones in your life. Sometimes a facilitator will have a particular topic or guest speaker ready. Other times a facilitator may simply ask what the participants would like to discuss for the evening. 


We ask that groups remain private, respectful, and inclusive. For a more detailed description of our general group norms download our suggested rules below. Individual group facilitators may add or adjust to these rules to meet their group needs. 

Online Support

1st and 3rd Mondays, 7PM Central


In Person Support

Dallas Support Group (Trans and SOFFA)

Fourth Tuesdays 7PM

Royal Lane Baptist Church

6707 Royal Lane

Dallas, TX 75230


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