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Because no one takes this journey alone, Trans Cendence makes it one of our goals to also support the Significant Others, Friends, Family, and our Allies. We are here to help and put you in touch with those who have been there too and can help sort through everything with you.

We have been online with Zoom meetings since COVID and will be continuing this type of support. Our group leaders range from experienced parents to those who work in trans medicine. There is much experience and love in our family and we are here to help. 

As we reopen our in person meetings, we also invite our SOFFA's to come back and celebrate and learn with us. The group meetings will be open and depending on the attendance, breakout groups will also be available.

And as always, we appreciate our Allies and welcome you to come celebrate our milestones and experiences. If you have questions, our staff and facilitators will be happy to help. You don't have to be trans to be a part of the family.

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Family Holiday
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