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Trans/Gender Diverse

As an organization founded by Trans individuals, we understand the journey and all the challenges that come with it. We were founded on the principle of helping those trying to navigate these difficult waters, as well as those going through this transition with them.

Our peer led support groups and associated meetings are built around communal knowledge and sharing that with others to help them make the right decisions for themselves as they transition. It also provides safe places for trans folk to be themselves and be comfortable expressing who they really are.

Currently there are a number of online Zoom meetings from general groups with topics and break out groups, to specialized smaller groups where folks can ask more specific and personal questions from a peer that has experience in a smaller, more comfortable environment.

We also have in person meetings starting again in 2022. Currently based out of Dallas/Ft Worth, we will be we are looking to restart our other groups, as well as grow and develop other groups all over the US and the world. For those interested in starting a group in the TCI family you can email us.

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