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Youth are one of our most precious treasures, and as a parent you want them to grow up happy and healthy. Letting your child blossom into the flower they were meant to be can be challenging as a parent but even more so for our youth. It can be confusing as is, let alone the pressures of social transition, and dealing with the medical concerns.

We at Trans Cendence have a wonderful staff that are here for the youth of our community. They provide a safe space for our trans youth to socialize, ask questions, and just be themselves. We currently offer online options and as we return to our in person meetings, we invite our youth and their parents to join us in person as we again celebrate our lives and share our stories and knowledge.

TCI also recognizes the current political state in the US and we are here to help navigate these troubles waters, as well as offer a safe place to express concerns and gather with other youth to support each other. We feel, as the medical professionals do, that supporting our youth in their decision to be their true selves is the best medicine for them.

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